I think the Internet has diminished the joys of movie watching to a certain extent these days. Most people seem to want to watch a movie with the intention of REVIEWING it rather than enjoying it as a work of art. How can you really enjoy it when you are constructing all the words that you are going to be writing later on social media as you are watching a movie? I am not interested in posting extremely lengthy reviews and I’m not interested in showing others that I am some kind of literary genius. Sometimes it’s hard to express most of the thoughts and emotions that I’ve experienced while watching a movie, in words. Some film experiences are entirely visceral. Most people’s opinion of a particular film these days is shaped by OTHERS’ opinion of that film rather than their own. I see this happening all the time. I started this blog for the sole purpose of discussing about good films (especially the underrated and overlooked ones) and filmmakers. There is no place here for bad films. The views I share here would be my own and not someone else’s.



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