Capsule Review: Southside With You (2016)

Southside With You

Barack Obama’s first date with Michelle Robinson doesn’t play out in the usual clichéd manner and if this wasn’t a movie about the now famous couple, it would make you wonder about the chances of them eventually ending up as husband and wife. Yes, it would be apt to call this film “‘Before Sunrise’ meets the Obamas”. It begins with a visit to an art gallery and ends with them attending a screening of Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’, followed by a chocolate ice cream cone and a tender kiss. The scene I liked most is the one where Parker Sawyers gives a speech in front of members from his community and he really makes you believe that this is a young Obama. He plays him as a very relatable character. Short, sweet and kind of important, this is an impressive debut from Richard Tanne. Runtime: 75 minutes.


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  1. Nice capsule review thanks. This is far from being just a soft romantic comedy, Its a warm, intelligent, well ­told bio-pic about two people who became a global power-couple in celebrity politics. Great acting too.

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