Filmmaker Spotlight: Carlos Lascano – 3 Essential Short Films


Carlos Lascano is a filmmaker, writer, painter and illustrator based out of Argentina. He has had the fortune of working with some of the best in the industry, including actors like Javier Bardem. So far, he has made only short films and each one is better than the last. Some of them have earned Oscar nominations. I was introduced to his work by a friend and I have to say, I’m very impressed with this man’s extraordinary talent. We’ll take a look at three of his best short films: ‘A Short Love Story in Stop Motion’, ‘A Shadow of Blue’ and ‘Lila’.

There is a common theme that binds all of them. They feature a single character – a loner by nature – that employs their vivid imagination and amazing artistic skills to create colorful and deeply moving alternate realities to seek solace from their solitary existence. Some of these are stop-motion, some are a combination of stop-motion and hand-drawn animation and some are a combination of both animation and live action. All the sequences are beautifully rendered with eye-popping colors and stunning animation to create a near surreal experience. And his choice of music is remarkable too. You feel like you are in a trance.

My favorites among these three films are A Shadow of Blue and Lila. In A Shadow of Blue, he used something called the “real-eyes” technique – applying real eyes to animated characters. This is a technique which he developed himself. Anyway, I would suggest watching these films in the order I’ve listed below so that you can get an idea of the evolution in his style and how progressed he has become with each new film. I hope he makes a feature-length film one day. I’ve provided the YouTube links of these films below.

  1. A Short Love Story in Stop Motion (2008)

A simple short film that combines both stop-motion and hand-drawn animation to depict a small girl in her drawing class where she imagines herself falling in love with the boy sitting nearby and starting a life and growing old together.

  1. A Shadow of Blue (2011)

This is the most emotional of the three. There is a moving twist in there that almost had me in tears. Romanian musician Gheorghe Zamfir’s The Lonely Shepherd is used here to good effect. Zamfir is one of my favorite musicians and I was happy to see this track featured here.

  1. Lila (2014)

This one is a combination of both live-action and animation. Lila is played by actress Alma Garcia and I think this character is like the grown up and flesh and blood version of the little girl in A Short Love Story in Stop Motion. They both are seen making sketches. Lila uses her sketchbook to create alternate realities for other people and the best part is she makes them EXPERIENCE it! How beautiful! And later, she does the same thing for herself too. To me, this is the best out of the three.


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