The Best Films About Self-Destruction: Part-I

I just realized that many of my favorite characters from cinema are individuals with self-destructive tendencies. What makes them so appealing? Some of them are more relatable than the others. Perhaps we see a little of them in us, perhaps we would do the same thing that they did but in an alternate universe or perhaps we want to take relief from the fact that there are people out there who are going through a worse time than we do. Sometimes you go through an unbearably rough patch in your life and you are not in the mood to watch any films at all. You pop in the DVD/Blu-ray of a particular film and you feel like it’s not the right film to watch in your current state of mind.

But then there is that one film in your collection which instantly strikes the right chord and what you get from it is an intensely transformative and therapeutic experience. You say to yourself: “This is exactly the film that I needed right now.” Below are the list of some of my favorite films that deal with this theme of self-destruction. Out of these The Godfather-II, Taxi DriverRaging Bull and Naked were the ones that gave me the kind of transformative and therapeutic experience that I hoped to achieve. My full available reviews of some of these films can be read by clicking on the highlighted titles. This is just Part-I of a long list. I’ll publish the rest in the coming weeks.


1. The Godfather-II (1974) [Director: Francis Ford Coppola] 



2.Taxi Driver (1976) [Director: Martin Scorsese] 



3. Raging Bull (1980) [Director: Martin Scorsese] 



4. Throne of Blood (1957) [Director: Akira Kurosawa] 


5. Citizen Kane (1941) [Director: Orson Welles] 

citizen kane 22


6. The Face of Another (1966) [Director: Hiroshi Teshigahara]



7. Naked (1993) [Director: Mike Leigh] 

Naked 1993 720p BRrip_scOrp_sujaidr.mkv_20150920_122304.828


8. Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) [Director: Werner Herzog] 


9. All that Jazz (1979) [Director: Bob Fosse] 


10. Vanaprastham (1998) [Director: Shaji M. Karun]


11. American Psycho (2000) [Director: Mary Harron] 


12. Drunken Angel (1948) [Director: Akira Kurosawa]


13. Barry Lyndon (1975)  [Director: Stanley Kubrick] 


14. Mulholland Dr. (2001) [Director: David Lynch]


15. Shame (2011) [Director: Steve McQueen]


(Part-II can be found here.)


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