Capsule movie review: Experimenter (2015)


A riveting, insightful and occasionally humorous biopic on the psychologist Stanley Milgram, the man behind the controversial experiments conducted in the early 1960s that test an individual’s capacity to hurt as well as the urge to conform and obey. The film also covers various other interesting social experiments that he carried out till the year he passed away. Featuring some interesting visual choices that reflect some of the themes of his experiments and a sophisticated performance from Peter Sarsgaard, the film puts a strong emphasis on the importance on critical thinking in this day and age and is an essential watch for anyone who loves films that deal with human psychology.


One comment

  1. This movie gave a great insight into human nature and so did the experiments. Yes it was a tad slow but it only felt like that to me after I had watched it. I was immediately drawn in by the whole setup of the experiment and with the progression of the rest of them. This won’t get anyone’s heart pumping or racing but nonetheless I was glued to the screen with what this movie was trying to show me. I was so fascinated by the whole idea of it, that putting up with any of the ‘slow’ parts seemed quite easy. If you’re in any way interested in human nature and how or why people could bring themselves to do certain things, you’ll definitely appreciate this movie…

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