Mick Garris interviews director William Friedkin on his show POST MORTEM


Most of my friends know that I am a huge fan of William Friedkin. He is one of the great Hollywood directors I truly revere. Most people know him as the man who directed The Exorcist, arguably the greatest horror film of all time. The film terrified many including myself and succeeded in creating a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. But Friedkin has also made The French Connection, the gritty 1971 cop drama that turned out to be a very influential film for many subsequent filmmakers. The French Connection was one of the few films of the 1970s that told filmmakers that it’s okay to shake things up a bit and make films in a different way. And he has also made the criminally underrated Sorcerer  which to me is his best film and also another cop thriller, To Live and Die in L.A .  (I have reviewed these two films here on my blog.) I have seen many interviews of Friedkin and along with Scorsese and Tarantino, he is one of the directors that I can listen to for many days in a row and not get bored. Below, I post one of his best and most insightful interviews, which was conducted by fellow screenwriter and director Mick Garris on his show POST MORTEM, where Friedkin talks about his career at length and shares his fascinating experiences in the industry. 


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