The End of the Tour (2015) – A deeply moving experience based on true events


You know how some people say that watching a certain movie made them want to be a better person? This is one of those movies. It’s so good that you have no idea. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve never heard of this before and watched it without expecting much and came way feeling completely moved. It’s kind of like My Dinner with Andre but less pretentious and without any of those New Age crap. It’s actually based on a Rolling Stone writer named David Lipsky who interviews author David Foster Wallace, who committed suicide in 2008. I know that the word “suicide” makes it sound like a depressing movie but it’s not. The film opens with Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) being informed about Wallace’s death and then goes back 12 years to the time when Lipsky comes to know about Wallace’s book Infinite Jest and decides to do an interview. This is an insightful look into the life of a socially awkward misfit and loneliness and you are going to really love this movie especially if you are an introvert. I found myself nodding in agreement very often at some of the things that Wallace says in this. It’s the best thing Jason Segel has ever done (he plays Wallace) and also one of Jesse Eisenberg’s better films.


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