Sherlock Holmes becomes “real” in Bill Condon’s Mr. Holmes



Academy Award-winning American director Bill Condon collaborates once again with the impeccable as always Ian McKellen, (who had previously worked with him on the biopic of British director James Whale called Gods and Monsters) to deliver an incarnation of everyone’s most beloved fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes that we’ve never seen before. The most amazing thing about this film is that it makes us forget that Holmes is a fictional character and gets us deeply invested in him. It’s not so much a mystery of solving a new case as much as the mystery of it’s central character. Some of my favorite themes are solitude, loneliness, loss, guilt, redemption etc. and this film encompasses all that. Based on Mitch Cullin’s novel A Slight Trick of the Mind, McKellen plays Holmes as someone that we all can relate to, and totally embodies that character. This is very much the Holmes that we all know from the books of Arthur Conan Doyle but McKellen takes his portrayal to a whole new level. I never expected to be moved to tears by a film on SHERLOCK HOLMES of all characters! 5/5


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  1. My views after watching the film:

    “Until today I never quite realized how great a creation Sherlock Holmes actually is. In penning Holmes’ caricature, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, probably for the first time in literature, faded the line between man and myth. While the Sherlock Holmes that’s hitherto known to the world is more of a myth than a man, the washed-up detective we see in Mr. Holmes comes across as a mere apparition of his old self. Like so often the case, one needs to actually see a great man at the end of his wits and time to be able to truly appreciate how great he once was. Mr. Holmes serves the exact purpose. Ian McKellen delivers a deeply nuanced performance that surely cannot miss the Oscar nod. Doyle’s super-sleuth never looked more human. And, yet, the myth endures.”

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